About Us

Our mission is to empower changemakers and innovators to solve the world's most complex problems by helping them uncover and address the root causes.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, the Foundation for Inclusion is the world's only organization focused exclusively and relentlessly on the endgame in social impact: what it will take to achieve ultimate success against the world's most stubborn challenges.

For every social problem we take on, we work across sectors in collaboration with communities, funders, organizations, businesses, activists, scholars, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to keep everyone focused on the big picture and help all of us work more collectively, more strategically, and ultimately more successfully.

Using our innovative approach to solving complex social problems, we are launching several initiatives to demonstrate that large-scale change is feasible. If you think like there should be more progress than you're seeing on an issue you're passionate about, let's talk. We might be able to make progress together!

Our Approach

Large-scale social problems are stubborn because they're complex—not in the trivial sense of being "complicated" but in the technical sense of being complex systems. Solving a complex problem in this sense requires three things:

  1. A way to see the structure of the whole system at once, including everyone and everything affecting the problem.
  2. A way to discover how the parts of the system work together to produce the problem (or potential solution).
  3. A way to fill the gaps between how the system currently functions and how it would ideally function to produce more desirable outcomes.

This whole–parts–gaps framework, introduced here, is the conceptual basis for how the Foundation for Inclusion is structured. We’ve distilled decades of research, experience, and collective wisdom into a rigorous, collaborative process for discovering what it will take to achieve significant and lasting change on any complex social challenge. Each of our initiatives focuses on one well-defined social problem and a collective strategy to solve it.

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