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As part of our mission to help changemakers work more strategically to solve large-scale social problems, the Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) is dedicated to showing how new developments in the issues we work on are connected to big-picture trends: What does today's news imply for whether we can collectively achieve our ultimate goal? What does new research add to what we already know about how these problems get solved?

Here we offer news about the Foundation for Inclusion as well as these big-picture insights. Come back here weekly or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates sent to your inbox.

Launching Phase 1 of Collective-Strategy Platform Build-Out

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | March 1, 2018

This month we’re launching the first phase of a three-phase process to build and automate our collective-strategy platform (pdf). You’ll probably notice nothing more than a minor front-end redesign today, but there’s a bit more happening on the back end that will make it easier for us to move forward in the short and long terms.…

Great things happening at the Foundation for Inclusion!

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | February 28, 2018

Many of you have asked how things are going at the Foundation for Inclusion — a lot has happened since I last sent an update! Much great news, and a few challenges left. The bottom line: Just about all the people and relationships we need are now in place to launch our first initiatives. As you know, we take…

A Platform for Solving Large-Scale Social Problems

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | February 16, 2018

To solve the hardest problems in any society, it’s not enough to be individually effective. Changemakers and innovators need to be collectively strategic or their achievements will never add up to ultimate success. The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) is building a global platform to rally, unite, and empower changemakers to solve complex, large-scale social problems. This post…

Introductory Brief Available

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | February 1, 2018

Our mission is to empower changemakers and innovators to solve large-scale social problems strategically and conclusively. Take a look at our introductory brief (pitch deck) and get in touch with us to discuss ways we can work together.

Collective Strategy: A Framework for Solving Large-Scale Social Problems

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | January 8, 2018

Research Brief  |  Issue No. 1  |  January 8, 2018  By Robert D. Lamb, PhD What does it take to solve really hard problems? Chronic poverty, cycles of violence, racial and ethnic mistrust, global trafficking, tensions over migration, environmental damage—many of today’s biggest challenges seem immune to even the most heroic efforts to resolve…

Together for Tomorrow and Foundation for Inclusion Announce Merger

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | December 11, 2017

Combined organization will help changemakers collaborate to solve complex problems ■ WASHINGTON, DC, December 11, 2017 — The Foundation for Inclusion and Together for Tomorrow are pleased to announce they have joined forces into a single organization dedicated to giving changemakers the tools and networks they need to achieve large-scale, positive change in divided societies.…

FFI Founder to Keynote Whistler Startup Summit

By Bob Lamb, CEO & Co-Founder | August 25, 2017

Foundation for Inclusion founder and CEO Bob Lamb will be the closing keynote speaker at the Sea to Sky Startup Society’s first international conference, the Sea to Sky Summit, in Whistler, British Columbia, on September 22. Read more here. [Update: Dr. Lamb was unable to travel to the event due to a death in the…