THE NEED. The ministry of agriculture of a large democratic country wanted to incentivize farmers to adopt sustainable practices—but couldn’t figure out why prior efforts had failed or backfired.

OUR APPROACH. The minister’s consultant hired us to make sense of the problem’s complexity. We incorporated the perspectives of policy makers, industry executives, activists, and scientists into a causal model involving 150+ factors. We created visualizations and simulations to show the effects of different strategies.

VALUE. Stakeholders were helped to discover why certain approaches were having such perverse outcomes. Industry leaders agreed to collaborate to develop and pilot new approaches.

“There is genius in the Foundation for Inclusion’s ability to find simple narratives in complex systems.”  —Managing Partner, consultancy

LEARNING. It is possible to get industry and other system-level players to support efforts to change their practices—if their own challenges and concerns are taken seriously in the process. We are now helping the consultant design a practical tool to help farmers, activists, and regulators test how different agricultural practices and policies might affect different environmental and business outcomes.