THE NEED. The climate debate is highly polarized. The more advocates inform, the more opponents deny. The more some push for action, the more others oppose action. Current approaches are not always effective—and sometimes backfire.

OUR APPROACH. We brought together cross-disciplinary experts in the tools of science, story, simulation, and strategy. We facilitated experiments in combining techniques to find hidden barriers to climate action and potential paths around them.

VALUE. Cross-disciplinary teams visually mapped out some of the structures, behavioral dynamics, and narratives preventing climate action—revealing several promising paths to success in the process.

LEARNING. The path to climate action is crooked—and it differs from industry to industry. We are continuing to build visualizations, simulations, and roadmaps of effective approaches to getting different industries and populations to take action at the scale needed. We now know this multidisciplinary, multi-methods, multi-model, and multisector approach is not only feasible—it’s essential for discovering hidden opportunities in complex problems.