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The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) is a collective-impact incubator. We keep everyone focused on the big picture—constantly experimenting and discovering what it takes to nurture, build, improve, and scale solutions to the deep social and political divisions we’re seeing at home and abroad.

Whether you’re a business, an investor, or an ambitious nonprofit, we collaborate with you on one thing: making you more effective contributors to large-scale, systemic change.

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Please consider a generous donation.

Our vision is a civil, peaceful, and inclusive world

Our mission is to empower you to discover and build effective and lasting solutions to social conflict and systemic exclusion

Our strategy for building social cohesion is to apply private-sector methods for getting large-scale results to experimental initiatives for bridging social and political divisions

What We Do

Our research and evidence team combines proven methods from the private sector and the social sciences to discover the complex sources of conflict in divided populations and what it will take to overcome them. Our two incubators take over from there. The Impact Incubator works at a small scale to help organizations and coalitions discover and scale up their best work. The Inclusion Incubator works at a mass-market scale to help companies discover ways to make their products and media better contributors to social cohesion.

  • Impact Incubator

    Our impact incubator is your test lab for turning ideas, products, and services into effective and scalable solutions to society’s divisions. Our backbone service uses societal-level systems analysis helps you understand how your work fits into the bigger picture, and our incubator uses rapid prototyping and lean hypothesis testing to help you discover better ways to achieve impact. Where we find gaps in the collective effort, we recruit social entrepreneurs to launch enterprises to fill in those gaps.

  • Inclusion Incubator

    Our inclusion incubator turns mass-market products, services, technologies, media, and movements into sources of empathy, understanding, inclusion, and cohesion. Our impact audit service helps you discover how your products and operations affect how different groups in society understand and treat each other, and our impact test lab helps you discover ways to tweak product designs and business plans into achieving more positive impact.

Who We Serve

As an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization, we are able to work with:


Divided Communities

… who want help dealing with marginalization, fear, misunderstanding, social conflict, and systemic exclusion.


Makers & Developers

… who want to build technologies, products, services, or platforms that both make money and solve social problems.


Social Entrepreneurs

… who want to test, validate, and articulate their business plans to improve the impact and effectiveness of their social mission.


Impact Investors

… who want to due-diligence the ESG, CSR, or social-impact claims of the companies and social enterprises they might invest in.

  I started the Foundation for Inclusion after years of research on social conflict and social change, because I think it’s important to recognize that stability and civility, which we all need to thrive, can’t be the responsibility of governments alone: people across the political spectrum, civil organizations, businesses, and investors all have contributions to make as well.   Bob Lamb, Founder & CEO, Foundation for Inclusion

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We’d love to welcome you as a volunteer or collaborator! If you are interested in working with us or have any other thoughts you’d like to share, please fill out the form below. We will never sell your email address.