Happy new year, everyone! This past year has seen us build momentum on a number of fronts:

  • We’re very excited that Arpitha Peteru became the Foundation for Inclusion’s President and cofounder, bringing with her years of experience in consulting, coalition building, and philanthropy focused on social justice, hate speech, and violence prevention, among other talents.
  • We landed our first client, an innovative social enterprise that has asked us to help them design a strategic roadmap for building inclusive economic growth for the benefit of all communities in Cleveland, using our expertise in data analytics, simulation modeling, and stakeholder engagement.
  • We deepened our capabilities in simulation modeling by partnering with MindsEye Computing and Dialectic Simulation Consulting, and we broadened our reach into Australia through Futureye and The Romantics. We’re very excited to be working with Futureye on what could be a major sustainability initiative in 2019.
  • Our leadership worked with the System Dynamics Society to launch its first affinity group focused specifically on social impact. With them and the Policy Modelling Lab at Delft Technical University, we organized the first Social Impact Modeling Awards in August 2018 and are planning the first ever Social Impact Systems Modeling Conference in The Hague, Netherlands, in February 2019.

Thanks to all of you who offered your financial, moral, and practical support to help us carry out our mission. We especially want to thank Andrea Lee-Zucker and Jason Kampf for being our biggest financial contributors this year, along with Andrew MacLeod, Warren Farr, and Nancy Gallagher for guiding us toward our most fruitful partnerships. In December, our CEO dedicated his 50th birthday to raising as many $50 donations as possible. If you’re able to join those who have already supported us, please consider donating $50 (or $500!) here. If you know leaders or organizations who want to be more effective at addressing both the root causes and high-level influences of the issues they’re working on, please put us in touch with them.

Finally, as we approach 2019, we are looking forward to building out our portfolio of social-good issues by partnering with organizations focused on homelessness, labor trafficking, biodiversity, and sustainable farming, among others. In January, we’ll be launching our first university-practicum partnership, with the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, to bring systems thinking and action to the next generation while propelling our own efforts to address labor trafficking. We hope that you will continue to follow along … so stay tuned! And meanwhile, we wish you a happy and prosperous new year!


Arpitha Peteru and Bob Lamb