Inclusion Partners

You’ve been generous to charities. You’ve supported promising politicians. You’ve advocated for issues you care about. Even your investments do social good. But contempt and bigotry are still driving our society apart — threatening the lives and livelihoods of people who deserve better and undermining progress on the very issues you’ve spent so much time and money supporting. It’s time to build sustainability into social progress. But how?

The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) launched the Inclusion Partners program so high-impact individuals like you can help us protect your investments in social progress. We are the strategy hub for fighting bigotry, contempt, and division at their source.

History shows societies can change when small groups of people act collectively and strategically toward a shared goal. Changing deep-seated divisions, contempt, and bigotry in an entire society might seem like an impossible fight. But there are precedents, and the tools and techniques needed to win this fight already exist — we just need to pull them together and start using them. We need to fight smarter.

FFI has studied that history and identified the techniques that have been used to influence values, knowledge, emotions, narratives, and behaviors at mass scales — techniques like dynamic modeling, a/b testing, behavioral nudging, rapid prototyping, and collective-impact organizing. We’ve already started using them to build new tools, experiment with better ways to neutralize online hate and interpersonal bias, and develop high-level strategies to promote social cohesion and inclusion.

With your help, we can keep building these powerful techniques, high-level strategies, and shrewd coalitions — and neutralize the forces of division and exclusion in our time. Inclusion Partners donate at least $6,000 annually to support our work. Some also offer time, expertise, and contacts and take advantage of opportunities to meet others in the FFI network. Signing up takes just two minutes — select the “donate now” button below.

The Foundation for Inclusion is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States, so your donation today is tax-deductible.

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