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Many of you have asked how things are going at the Foundation for Inclusion — a lot has happened since I last sent an update! Much great news, and a few challenges left.

The bottom line: Just about all the people and relationships we need are now in place to launch our first initiatives. As you know, we take a highly collaborative approach to building collective strategies to solve large-scale social problems. The problems we’re taking on first are human trafficking and the deep divisions in our society, with a third initiative under development on white supremacy (racism and antisemitism) in America. We’re farthest along on the trafficking initiative; we’d love your help identifying funding partners for the others. Our mission might be ambitious, but we’ve built the infrastucture needed to make the tools used by corporate and military strategists available to people working on the greatest social challenges of our time.

The biggest news of the last six months is our merger with Together for Tomorrow, which brought us a fantastic new team, including Andrea Lee-Zucker, Jonathan Beninson, Jason Kampf, Tolu Olubunmi, and Leela Bhashyam, who have joined our board or advisory council and have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today — ready to hit the ground running! They join our growing list of highly qualified staff and advisers.

I’ve been working full-time as CEO since September and probably my most important output since then has been FFI’s first Research Brief summarizing the approach we take to solving large-scale problems and a capabilities brief showing what the platform will look like (let me know if you’d like a copy of that [EDIT: available here (pdf)], summarized here).

My top priority now is getting our first initiatives funded and launched. So if you know of funding sources that might be a good fit for our work, please make introductions!

Thank you for following our work. I’m always available and interested in your feedback and open to ideas for new problems to take on!


Bob Lamb
Founder & CEO
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