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Who We Are

The Foundation for Inclusion (FFI) is a not-for-profit social enterprise taking on just about the hardest problem there is: strengthening the sources of cohesion and inclusion in society against the forces of division and exclusion.

Whether you’re conservative or liberal, an investor or a philanthropist, in business or in advocacy, progress on just about any issue you care about is at risk when your society’s underlying dynamics are as divisive as they’re becoming today.

How do you change divisive attitudes and behaviors at mass scales?

You do it collectively and strategically.

We’re making that possible.

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 I started the Foundation for Inclusion after years of research on social conflict and social change, because I think it’s important to recognize that stability and civility, which we all need to thrive, can’t be the responsibility of governments alone: people across the political spectrum, civil organizations, businesses, and investors all have contributions to make as well. Bob Lamb, Founder & CEO, Foundation for Inclusion

What We Do

We connect and strengthen coalitions across dramatically different sectors: nonprofits, for-profits, investors, philanthropists, organizations, individuals — anyone who’s serious about promoting social cohesion and defending the vulnerable. We help them become more strategic, more effective, and more connected.

Keeping a society together takes collective effort, and our three programs are designed to make collective strategies successful — by focusing, respectively, on the whole, the parts, and the gaps:

  • Connector.

    Collective Strategy: The Whole

    Making implicit collective strategies explicit: How does your work fit in to the bigger picture?
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  • Connector.

    Impact Incubator: The Parts

    Helping nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses discover their best contributions to social cohesion
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  • Connector.

    Inclusion Incubator: The Gaps

    Filling gaps in collective strategies with in-house initiatives and a social-enterprise startup incubator
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Our Programs

FFI’s staff and principal advisers have the experience and expertise to retool private sector and social science techniques — a/b testing, dynamic modeling, rapid prototyping, etc. — to help nonprofits, social enterprises, and mass-market products and media live up to their potential as unifying forces in society. We use these tools with coalitions (to see the whole picture), with organizations (to strengthen each part of the picture), and in our own initiatives (to fill in the gaps).

Collective Strategy

Collaborating with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, organizations, coalitions, investors, and business leaders working toward related goals. We make implicit collective strategies explicit.

"The Whole"

FFI's Collective Strategy Program helps paint the big picture so you can see more clearly how your work fits in to the collective effort

Impact Incubator

Collaborating with nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses. We help you discover what impact you're really having on cohesion and inclusion and experiment with tweaks to strengthen it.

"The Parts"

FFI's Impact Incubator is like your personal trainer: you're still doing the heavy lifting, but our techniques make you even stronger.

Inclusion Incubator

Identifying and filling gaps in collective efforts. We launch in-house initiatives (and spin them off later as independent organizations or movements) and incubate social-enterprise startups.

"The Gaps"

FFI's Inclusion Incubator uses "lean" methods to test, tweak, and validate ideas, initiatives, product designs, and business models

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We’d love to welcome you as a volunteer or collaborator! If you are interested in working with us or have any other thoughts you’d like to share, please fill out the form below. We will never sell your email address.