Helping crisis response and system change work together better

The pandemic and global lockdowns have shown the world how important it is to have functioning systems that serve everyone. Before the current crisis, many of the world’s food, work, health, education, social services, and other systems were already failing millions of people. Now, the fractures in those systems are getting wider by the day and harming millions more in the process.

We all need to mobilize immediate aid for those who need help right now—and also make sure the systems that emerge from this crisis are capable of serving all people and all communities.

We believe the world is capable of doing both at the same time. It’s clear we can no longer afford to keep deciding between solving immediate problems and fixing the systems that keep producing them. We need to do both. We can do it together.

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System Change Is Possible

Human trafficking, chronic poverty, poor economic mobility, dangerous conflicts and polarization, food insecurity, a growing climate crisis, and declining biodiversity — with millions of dollars, thousands of people, and hundreds of organizations taking on challenges like these every day, we should be seeing a lot more progress than we are.

How do we make permanent progress on humanity’s greatest challenges?

By shifting the focus from solving problems to fixing systems. Systems have feedback loops that make problems like these self-perpetuating.

The Foundation for Inclusion is helping changemakers, innovators, and movement builders transform systems to create new feedback loops that make real solutions self-sustaining.

We offer customized sensemaking, applied research, strategic reviews, facilitation, training, trust-building, and change management. And we have dozens of tools and approaches — drawn from the worlds of science, story, and simulation — at our disposal, so we can collaborate with you at whatever phase of work, resource level, or timeline you require. See what some of our partners have said about our work:

  • “I feel like we’re finally beginning to build this team.” —private-sector CEO at end of FFI workshop
  • “What impressed me most is how fearlessly you took on the most complex issues and found such innovative ways to use our decision tools to cut through that complexity.” —John Richardson, Ethelo Inc.
  • “There is genius in the Foundation for Inclusion’s ability to find simple narratives in complex systems. My business works with clients to understand and solve complex societal problems, and I highly recommend the Foundation as a strong partner for systems analysis and strategy. It’s enjoyable, enlightening, and enlivening to work with the team.” —Katherine Teh, Futureye
  • “The interactive format was really effective at demonstrating how systems work. It gave everyone in the room hope that with the right mindset and strategic collaboration, system change really is possible.” —Grace Kim, Global People’s Summit

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